What makes a Community Event?

The measure of a community event is the involvement of the public. A great public event has diverse support, the commitment of volunteers and a connection to the community. Crossing the barriers of age, income, education and ethnicity, these public celebrations serve as a reminder; we are all part of our community.

Throughout our history, we have enjoyed producing our community’s largest public events; from the Millennium Celebration to the 50th Anniversary of Statehood. Our annual events currently include the Mountain View Street Fair, the Anchorage July 4th Celebration, and Trick or Treat Town.

Community Events

Where do you come in?

If you are currently involved with a community event or would like to participate, support or organize an event, we can help provide the logistics, management and support. We specialize in dealing with the details of permitting, insurance, public safety and amenities, rental equipment, entertainment and just about anything else you need. Our team has developed Anchorage Fairs & Festivals Inc. to produce existing events and further engage the community in the development of new events. WHY WAIT? Give us a call today!

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