How do you plan a successful fundraiser and still focus on everything else?

Art Services North has helped organize, oversee and produce thousands of fundraising events in our 30 years. We have consulted, conspired and perspired right along with the organizers to make each event as successful as possible. We’ve created new events, remained faithful to established events, and helped some reinvent themselves.

Charity Events

How does that help us?

We work with your vision, your board, and your committee to bring together events that remain true to your mission, engaging to the public, and relevant to your sponsors. Our design team includes more than décor and floor plans – we bring history, success, and connections to every event.

What about the mission?

Your work is the product of community need, passion, and commitment. Helping your guests understand the mission while maintaining their engagement, participation, and enjoyment can be a difficult juggling act. We have the technical and human resources to connect all of the pieces together seamlessly.


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