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We are an amazing and talented group of people who enjoy making an impression. When you walk into one of our events we want to hear you say, ‘wow’. If you’re our client, we also want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Together, we combine decades of industry experience with fresh inspiration, making our extraordinary events possible. We are Alaska’s SOURCE for Event Planning and Décor!

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In Technical Terms

We are a full service event company specializing in event design and event planning, from vendor management to final event production. Our innovative ideas and technical knowledge bring to life events that meet the diverse needs of non-profit, corporate, and community organizations. With our creative concepts, flawless execution, and dedicated customer service, Art Services North is recognized as the event industry leader in Alaska.


Darl Schaaff, Company Owner

Darl Schaaff, Company Partner/Owner

Art Services North (ASN) was founded in Anchorage in 1982, making it Alaska’s oldest event company, but it wasn’t until 1992 when Darl purchased the business that our true talent took center stage.

Through Darl’s creative guidance, ASN blossomed into Alaska’s SOURCE for events and decor; not just for meetings and trade shows, but for every kind of event imaginable.

Darl draws on his extensive background in Entertainment and Theater Production to make every event stellar – and he won’t shy away from the spotlight when what you need is an emcee.

Brooke Corkery, Company Owner

Brooke Corkery, Company Partner/Owner

Brooke joined Darl as an ASN company owner in 2005, bringing an important layer of talent to the event planning table.

From menu selection to military protocol, she draws on her Hospitality Management background to ensure all our event plans include an impeccable guest experience.

Whether it’s a sponsor, dignitary, VIP or the guest seated in the back of the ballroom, no thoughtful detail is overlooked when Brooke is part of your event planning team.

Michael Zoske, Event Designer & Project Manager

Michael Zoske, Company Partner/Owner

When Michael was hired by ASN we knew his love of beautiful things would be an asset, and boy were we right.

His guest tables designs and ceremonial vignettes have been described as “breathtaking” but that’s just the beginning for Michael. He isn’t happy until you’re happy, no matter what’s happening behind the scenes.

Armed with an iPad and a skinny black suit, Michael specializes in making sure your event is beautiful, enjoyable, and flawlessly executed.

Connie Soltis, Project Manager & Event Designer

Connie Soltis, Event Designer & Project Manager

Prior to creating magic at Art Services North, Connie was the Scenic Designer for the Alaska Repertory Theatre.

While she doesn’t do actual tricks, her custom designed event decor and exhibit booths will leave you thinking otherwise. Transform a ballroom into a Winter Wonderland? Abracadabra! Build a 16′ tall cartoon ship on stage? Alakazam!

Connie designs it, creates it, and makes sure it’s not just stunning, it’s safe for all your guests.

Gail Palmer, Project Manager & Event Designer

Chrystle Tebo, Project Manager

Chrystle’s information & picture will be placed here very shortly! We look forward to updating our website information, soon!

Elisa Hitchcock, Office & Event Manager

Elisa Hitchcock, Office Manager & Event Manager

Drawing on a multi-faceted theatrical background, Elisa has been the perfect addition to the ASN staff.

When she’s in the main office, she keeps everything running smoothly and supports our entire team so we can better assist you, our client.

She can also be found organizing technical crews, coordinating with your Banquet Captain, and/or directing entertainers as they engage your guests in event games and presentations.


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